2023 Facility Modernization Plan (FMP)

  • 2023 Facility Modernization Plan (FMP)

    In 2022, Washoe County School District (WCSD) started on a journey to plan for substantial improvements to the facilities and educational experience for all 61,000 students in our district. To accomplish this, we hired an innovative firm to investigate current conditions, future demands, and resources associated with WCSD’s school facilities. CannonDesign, the company hired, was tasked with developing a comprehensive Facility Modernization Plan (FMP) for WCSD for a 10+ year horizon. The 18-month study started in July 2022.

    WCSD has more than 100 school facilities, and nearly 45% of these schools are more than 50 years old. While we have endeavored to maintain and upgrade these facilities in a professional manner, the age, limited funding, and enrollment increases over those 50 years have taken a toll.

    In November 2016, a countywide sale tax (WC-1) was passed by local voters, dedicating a 0.54% sales tax in Washoe County in perpetuity exclusively toward constructing, renovating, and maintaining school facilities. Since that time, we have built 7 new schools, rebuilt 2 schools, and renovated/expanded 2 schools. With this work complete, WCSD is now able to refocus efforts and resources toward existing schools. We are able to look at the number and configuration of existing schools to reassess facility and educational access, as well as to provide potential operating efficiencies.

    CannonDesign’s FMP work is a 15-year program of projects which will modernize every existing school within the district with a priority given to efficiency and equity. This FMP will serve as the foundation for capital projects planning into the future and will show every school community our commitment to providing equitable learning environments district wide.

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    In-depth details are provided in the 2023 District-Wide Facilities Modernization Plan (FMP).

    An overview of the Facilities Modernization Plan (FMP) was presented to the Board of Trustees on December 12, 2023.

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