Zoning Advisory Committee

  • Mission Statement

     As a committee to the Board of Trustees, the function of the Zoning Advisory Committee is to make school attendance zone recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Trustees. 


    Current Issues 

     As the Washoe County School District begins the process of building new schools, the Zoning Advisory Committee is looking at potential changes to school attendance zoning. During the 2018/2019 school year, the committee recommended zoning changes to the Board of Trustees in the areas of Spanish Springs, Sun Valley, northwest Reno, and south Reno, to coincide with the opening of three new schools (a middle school in Sun Valley, a middle school in Spanish Springs, and an elementary school in south Reno). This year, 2019/2020 the committee will continue to take a look at zoning recommendations in other areas where schools are proposed, such as a new middle school in the Arrowcreek area in south Reno. All meetings are open to the public and public comment is encouraged and welcomed. 

    Look up your address and see your current and future school attendance zone by visiting our Data Gallery Map

Upcoming Public Meetings

  • The next meeting of the Zoning Advisory Committee is November 15 at 5:30 p.m. in the WCSD Board Room (425 E. 9th Street). 

    Meeting dates, times and locations are subject to change.  Check the meeting calendar for updates. 

    Current and past meeting materials, including agendas, meeting packets, meeting minutes, and audio recordings are available in the Zoning Advisory Committee Meeting Archive.

    The public may submit comment during meetings or by sending an email to zoning@washoeschools.net



    Committee Composition 

    The voting membership of the Zoning Advisory Committee consists of thirteen (13) members as follows

    • Seven (7) members – one (1) selected by each member of the Board of Trustees, representing the election district of the Trustees
    • Three (3) Parent/Guardian or other Community members selected through the District’s application process
    • Three (3) School Site Staff Members selected through the District’s application process
      • One (1) School Administrator
      • One (1) Certified Teacher/Counselor
      • One (1) Educational Support Staff Member






    CHRISTINA PEARSON, Trustee Zone A Representative  

    June 30, 2020


    POLLY BOARDMAN, Trustee Zone B Representative

    June 30, 2019


    LORRAINE TOOLE, Trustee Zone C Representative

    June 30, 2020


    BETH SMITH, Trustee Zone D Representative

    June 30, 2019


    ARACELI MARTINEZ, Trustee Zone E Representative

    June 30, 2020


    THERESA BIRCHFIELD, Trustee Zone F Representative

    June 30, 2019


    STEPHANIE HANNA, Trustee Zone G Representative

    June 30, 2020


    SIERRA CLARK, At-Large Member

    June 30, 2019


    JENNIFER PETERSON, At-Large Member

    June 30, 2020


    ADAM CARPENTER, At-Large Member

    June 30, 2019


    JASON SHIPMAN, School Administrator

    June 30, 2020


    DANA GALVIN, Certified Teacher/Counselor

    June 30, 2019


    MELISSA BOESEN, Educational Support Staff

    June 30, 2020