NRS 387.12468 Annual Staffing and Budget Comparison Report

  • Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 387.12468 requires each public school district and school to produce a report that includes a description of the personnel employed and services provided during the immediately preceding school year and any changes the school anticipates making to the personnel and services during the current school year. According to the statute, these reports are to be posted on the respective district or school website.

    The following report shows this information in a District-wide summary and a detailed report for each school site. Due to limitations of the District's accounting and budgeting system, as well as other factors, below are possible reasons for year-to-year differences at school sites.

    • The total number of staff at each school can vary from year to year based on enrollment and the status of grant funding.
    • The report includes grant funding, which in Fiscal Year 2022-23 (FY@#) included a significant amount of federal stimulus funding (ESSER) spent at the school level.
    • Budgeted figures for Fiscal Year 2023-34 (FY23) are based on the Amended Final Budget approved by the Board in July 2023 and thus do not reflect any budget adjustments since then.
      • Because the District did not have finalized collective bargaining agreements with its employee associations in time for the Final Budget, salary and benefit costs shown for FY24 do not reflect Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA's) for staff that was subsequently agreed to and thus are understated.
    • The amount spent for supplies, materials, equipment, and textbooks shows a decrease at most school sites for FY24. This is because there were one-time grant funds (see above) spent in FY23 to provide upgraded technology equipment at those schools.
    • The weighted funding student counts are based on the State's calculations of students that weighted funding revenues are based on. Thus, for a student in more than one weighted category (e.g., an English Learner who is also in the Gifted &Talented category), the District will only receive funding in the highest category, in this case English Learners, and that student will only be reported in the English Learner category.
      • Also, the number of weighted students remains the same between FY23 and FY24 because weighted funding for FY24 is based on actual FY23 counts, consistent with the State's methodology for allocating weighted funding.
    • Several school sites show students in weighted funding categories, but show no costs or staff assigned to the school. These schools are provided services through a centralized itinerant model through other licensed staff at the school. Through this centralized model, costs are not charged directly to the school. However, the Washoe County School District has corrected this during Fiscal Year 2024, so next year's report comparing 2024 actuals against the 2025 budget will accurately reflect costs of centralized positions providing direct services to school sites.


Welcome to the Budget Office

  • Major Functions

    Budgeting centers around the development of the annual operating budget to align the District's resources with the Strategic Plan. This requires close collaboration between the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent, the Executive Leadership Team, and all of the District's stakeholders. Major responsibilities of the Budgeting Division include:
    • Forecasting future financial resources and needs based on growth and revenue projections;
    • Creating an annual budget cycle;
    • Assisting schools and departments in the development and monitoring of their budgets;
    • Continuous analysis of budget variance;
    • Preparation of budget transfers;
    • Periodic budget augmentations;
    • Production of annual budget documents and an annual budget report;
    • Preparation of various required quarterly and annual reports; and
    • Working with the Nevada Department of Education and the State Legislature on matters related to school district funding.

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