Michael Inskeep Elementary School

  • Michael Inskeep Elementary School opened its doors to students in August 2021. 

    Michael Inskeep Elementary School is helping to relieve overcrowding at elementary and middle schools in the North Valleys, including Gomes Elementary School and Silver Lake Elementary School - some of the district's most overcrowded elementary schools. 

    Inskeep Elementary school follows the same design as the recently constructed elementary schools - Poulakidas Elementary and Bohach Elementary. 


Quick Facts

    • Location: 18001 Briar Drive, Reno NV 89508
    • Architect: H&K Architects
    • Contractor: Q&D Construction
    • Capacity: 657 students
    • Cost: $44.7 million budget approved by the Board of Trustees 
    • Namesake: Mr. Inskeep was a teacher in the Washoe County School District for more than 15 years. He taught math and social studies, and spent the majority of his career teaching 7th and 8th grade at Cold Springs Middle School. He passed away suddenly from a blood clot during a routine knee replacement surgery in 2017. He lived with his family in the North Valleys and was active in the community as a volunteer firefighter and coach.