Who Can Be on a Committee?

  • The Board of Trustees supports the use of committees to advise the Board and provide a perspective which may differ from that of staff regarding educational programs, safety, operations, financial reporting, maintenance, and supporting services. The work of committees helps to ensure programs and other services are relevant to address current standards; meet the needs of students and parents/guardians; and have appropriate resources to support high quality student outcomes.

    The Washoe County School District is always looking for individuals to serve as a member of one of the committees of the Board of Trustees or Superintendent. Most committees are open to members of the general public; some have geographic requirements or openings for parents, students, and staff. Committee terms are typically two years and expire each summer. If you have the time to volunteer and are passionate about making a difference in the school district, than we want to hear from you. See below for specific committee openings.

Committees Currently Seeking Applicants

  • Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) Committee – Meets quarterly, or at the call of the Chair.

    The mission of the OPEB Committee is to administer the Washoe County School District Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) Trust in a fiduciary capacity for the beneficiaries of the Trust, pursuant to Nevada State law (NRS 287.017(2)(e)).

    The OPEB Committee is comprised of three (3) voting members and is seeking to fill a position opening as follows and is for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2021.

    • Person with education and experience in finance and/or economics totaling at least five (5) years.

    For more information about this committee, please visit the OPEB Committee website. 

    Please see “How do I Apply” below.





How Do I Apply?

  • To apply, please submit an online application here. 

    Once applications are received, individuals who meet the requirements will be contacted for next steps in the process. Ultimately, the Board of Trustees or Superintendent, as applicable to the committee, approves the appointment.