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    The Washoe County School District is committed to creating a school environment that promotes sound nutritional practices, physical activity, healthy food choices, nutritional education, and other school-based activities that promote student health and well-being.  The District will provide tudents with factual, current, evidence-based wellness education to complement their academic success and encourage long term health.  Through this policy and any associated documents, the District seeks to provide transparency to the public on the content, implementation, evaluation, and monitoring of the Student Wellness Policy.




    High SierraAHEC  
    High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) has contracted with the Washoe County School District to assist in implementing and tracking the Student Wellness policy. We're eager to work with you to bring improved resources, education, and support to your site.
    Andraya Dickens | (775) 410-2707
    Please contact Andraya to reset your WCSD Student Wellness reporting tool login information or for questions and concerns regarding your individual report.

    Andrea Gregg | (775) 410-2717

    High Sierra AHEC

    Consultants, WCSD Wellness Policy










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  • The District prohibits bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation in any of its educational programs/activities, employment, and employment opportunities.  For the District's full Notice of Non-Discrimination statement as well as methods to address questions and concerns please visit our Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web Accessibility page.

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