• Required Immunizations must be current for school enrollment.

    Ensure your child’s immunizations are current and meet state requirements for school entry, including distance learners (North Star Online).

    Immunization Events

    Immunization Clinics 

    Current State Immunization Requirements

    NRS 392.435 Immunization of pupils: Certificate prerequisite to enrollment; conditional enrollment; effect of failure to immunize; report to Health Division; inclusion of certificate in pupil’s record.

    Unless excused because of religious belief or medical condition, a child may not be enrolled in a public school within this State unless his parents or guardian submit to the board of trustees of the school district in which the child resides a certificate stating that the child has been immunized and has received proper boosters for that immunization or is complying with the schedules established pursuant to NRS 439.550 for the following diseases:

    NRS 392.446  Immunization of pupils: Protection of child exempt from immunization if dangerous disease exists in school.  Whenever the State Board of Health or a local board of health determines that there is a dangerous contagious disease in a public school attended by a child for whom exemption from immunization is claimed pursuant to the provisions of NRS 392.437 or 392.439, the board of trustees of the school district or the governing body of the charter school in which the child is enrolled shall require either:

          1.  That the child be immunized; or

          2.  That the child remain outside the school environment and the local health officer be notified.

    Exemptions from Immunizations

    NV State Religious Exemption Form

    NV State Medical Exemption Form

    Certificado Religioso de Excepcion de Vacunas

    Certificado Medico de Excepcion de Vacunas