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    The mission and purpose of extracurricular and athletic programs in the Washoe County School District is to promote the physical, mental, moral, social and emotional growth of its participants. The Student Activity and Athletic Department ensures a positive force in the preparation of our youth for an enriching extra-curricular experience. The Student Activity & Athletic Department is an integral part of the total school program. We are strongly connected to the academic success of every student regardless of individual differences. The student gives their time, energy, loyalty and commitment by participating in the programs offered through the Student Activities & Athletics Department.

Announcements-Attention Parents:


    WCSD high schools must follow the Air Quality Index recommendations regarding athletic activities and contest during practices and games. 

    When the AQI level reach 100 – 150

    Decisions about whether to keep student-athletes inside will be made by the school site administrator.

    • If the school administrator decides to cancel practices at the school site, all practices are canceled.
    • If the school administrator decides to continue practice at this level using a common sense approach. Practice/Games will be permitted under the following conditions:
      • The coaches and ATC have identified all student-athletes that might have to be monitored for sensitivity to air pollution or smoke.
      • Limit and control running and conditioning
      • Increase the number of water breaks and team breaks
      • Limit or excuse those student-athletes that are members of the sensitive group
      • Have a coach check the ACI every 30 minutes to stay updated.

    ONCE THE AQI reaches, 151 practice is CANCELLED and everyone must go inside.

    For more detailed information please refer to the Air Quality Index link. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact our office at 353-6901.

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  • The District prohibits bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation in any of its educational programs/activities, employment, and employment opportunities.  For the District's full Notice of Non-Discrimination statement as well as methods to address questions and concerns please visit our Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web Accessibility page.

    For more information, visit the Civil Rights Compliance Department page.