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  • Vision

    The Office of School Leadership operates to ensure all Washoe County School District schools attain the highest standards of educational excellence. As a result, all WCSD schools will demonstrate substantive annual progress with all served student groups.  As students transition to new schools and experiences, either within the PreK-12 system or as they matriculate from the system, they will demonstrate readiness for the academic and life challenges ahead of them.

    Mission Statement

    The day to day mission of the Office of School Leadership is to support and supervise all WCSD schools to ensure that the learning and social-emotional needs of each student are being met. This includes support for students, teachers, principals, all staff, and families. It further requires strong advocacy on behalf of our schools and in turn holding each of our principals and department leaders accountable to high professional expectations.

    Ann Marie Area 1
    Wooster/Damonte Ranch/Incline/Inspire
    Area Superintendent: Ann Marie Dickson
    Assistant: Christina Marquez
    Phone: 775-789-4675
    It is my honor to serve as Area 1 Superintendent in the Washoe County School District. I have worked at the Washoe County School District for 22 years. I began my career in the business office as a classified employee. After receiving my teaching degree from the University of Nevada, Reno I worked as a teacher at both Lincoln Park and Peavine Elementary Schools. In my role as a teacher, I started to take on leadership opportunities to support family engagement and supporting my peers through mentoring. I then moved from the classroom to serve as an Instructional Coach and Dean of Students at Lincoln Park ES. 
    I began my administrative career working two years at Lois Allen Elementary School as an Assistant Principal. My first principalship was at Silver Lake ES. During my time at Silver Lake, I led an amazing group of teachers and together we worked to build a strong culture of excellence. Through our work in the PLC Process and implementing the NVACS we were able to become a Five Star School. From there, I was appointed principal of Elmcrest Elementary School as part of the WCSD Acceleration Zone. At Elmcrest we worked as a staff to focus on not only academic growth, but also on social emotional learning for all students and staff. We implemented PBIS, SEL, Restorative Practices and Trauma Informed Practices at our school, as well as having a focus on Equity and Diversity.
    As the Area 1 Superintendent, I am committed to supporting my principals and schools with ensuring they have what they need to support their students, families, and community. Through this collaboration, we will ensure both social-emotional and academic achievement for all students, while providing opportunities for every student to graduate from high school ready for college or a highly-skilled career.
    Elementary Schools   Middle Schools High Schools

    Incline ES

    Brown ES

    Double Diamond ES

    Pleasant Valley ES

    Poulakidas ES

    Booth ES

    Corbett ES

    Dodson ES

    Donner Springs ES

    Hidden Valley ES

    Loder ES

    Veterans Memorial (STEM)


    Incline MS

    Depoali MS

    Vaughn MS

    Incline HS

    Damonte Ranch HS

    Wooster HS

    Washoe Inspire Academy


    Curtis Area 2 

    Hug HS/Reno HS/Gerlach k-12/Northstar/RISE
    Co-Lead Area Superintendent: Jeana Curtis   
    Assistant: Maryrose Staffa       
    Phone: 775-789-4657

    It is an honor to serve as the Area Superintendent for Area 2 in the Washoe County School District.  I have been in education in   Nevada for 27 years.  I began my career as a high school Mathematics teacher for six years in the Clark County School District and was an Administrative Dean for three years before moving to Reno.  In 2001, I served as the Assistant Principal at Reed High School until 2011 when I became the proud Panther principal at North Valleys High School for the last nine years.                                          

     I am excited to work with the Reno and Hug Vertical schools and to include North Star, Gerlach K-12, RISE, and TMCC.  


    Elementary  Schools Middle Schools High Schools

    Allen ES

    Bennett ES

    Cannan ES

    Duncan (STEM)

    Lemelson (STEM)

    Mathews ES

    Palmer ES

    Sun Valley ES

    Anderson ES

    Beck ES

    Caughlin Ranch ES

    Gomm ES

    Huffaker ES

    Hunter Lake ES

    Mt. Rose ES


    Traner MS
    Desert Skies MS  
    Swope MS                 


    Hug HS

    Reno HS

    Gerlach School

    Northstar OnLine School

    RISE Academy for Adult Achievement



    Area 3 
    Galena HS/ Reed HS/ Spanish Springs HS
    Co-Lead Area Superintendent: Joe Ernst 
    Assistant: Maryrose Staffa
    Phone: 775-789-4657

    It is my honor to serve as Area 3 Superintendent in the Washoe County School District. I have been an educator for 22 years, working as an intermediate teacher at Donner Springs, Van Gorder, and Roy Gomm elementary schools. While serving as a teacher I continued to develop leadership skills and deepen my desire to help impact change and improve the quality of education for all students.

    I began my administrative career working two years at Alice Smith Elementary School as an Assistant Principal. After working two years as an Assistant Principal at Alyce Taylor Elementary School I was selected as Principal. During my three years of leading Alyce Taylor, our students demonstrated some of the highest academic growth and proficiency in the State of Nevada. Our special education department received the NV Inspiration Award for demonstrating exceptional inclusive practices and improving academic growth for all students. With the development of the WCSD Acceleration Zone, I was appointed as principal of Anderson Elementary School. After working collaboratively with students, families, and staff, Anderson ES became one of nine Shining Stars schools in the State of Nevada.
    As the Area 3 Superintendent, I am committed to improving social-emotional and academic achievement for all students, while ensuring that every student graduates from high school ready for college or a highly-skilled career. 
    Elementary Schools Middle Schools High School

    Hunsberger ES

    Lenz ES

    Smithridge ES

    Beasley ES

    Diedrichsen ES

    Dunn ES

    Juniper ES

    Moss ES


    Whitehead ES

    Hall ES

    Sepulveda ES

    Spanish Springs ES

    Alyce Taylor ES

    Van Gorder ES

    Bohach ES 

    Pine MS

    Mendive MS

    Shaw MS

    Sky Ranch MS

    Marce Herz MS 

    Galena HS

    Reed HS

    Spanish Springs HS


    LAUREN Area 4 
    McQueen HS/ Sparks HS/ AACT/ Innovations HS
    Co-Lead Area Superintendent: Lauren Ford
    Assistant: Tamala Green
    Phone: 775-789-4658

    I have been in the WCSD for 12 years I began as an Assistant Principal at Traner Middle School in 2005, I then became Principal of Traner Middle School in 2006 serving there for the next five years (2006-2011).  I also served as Principal of Hug High School for 6 years- 2011-2017.

    I began my career as a Kindergarten teacher in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  I worked in a K-8 school as a kindergarten teacher, Vice Principal, and Principal.  I bring a unique perspective to the role of Area Superintendent having served as a Principal in K-12 schools. 

    Working in the Hug Vertical has given me the opportunity to work with amazing educators dedicated to the community they serve.  I look forward to continuing to work with the McQueen High School and Sparks High School communities.  


    Elementary Schools Middle Schools High School

    Elmcrest ES

    Melton ES

    Peavine ES

    Towles ES

    Verdi ES

    Warner ES

    Westergard ES

    Winnemucca ES

    Drake ES

    Greenbrae ES

    Lincoln Park ES

    Maxwell ES

    Mitchell ES

    Risley ES

    Kate Smith ES

    Billinghurst MS

    Clayton MS

    Dilworth (STEM)

    Sparks MS

    McQueen HS                       

    Sparks HS


    Innovations High School


    Jen Area 5/ Special Education Oversight
    North Valleys HS/ Turning Point                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
    Area Superintendent: Jen Van Tress
    Assistant: Donna Williams
    Phone: 775-789-4659  



    Elementary Schools

    Middle Schools High School

    Desert Heights ES

    Gomes ES

    Inskeep ES (21-22 SY)

    Lemmon Valley ES

    Silver Lake ES

    Alice Smith ES

    Stead ES


    Cold Springs MS

    O'Brien (STEM)

    Picollo School




    North Valleys HS

    Turning Point



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