Keeping our Students, Safe, Warm, and Dry

  • WCSD has invested more than $150 million in repairs to our older schools since 2016. This includes the installation of new roofs, HVAC systems, and boilers, as well as upgrades to make our schools more energy efficient and safe. Investing in our older buildings is a high priority for WCSD, as we know that students learn best when the buildings they are in are keeping them safe, warm, and dry. The additional funding we've received from the 2016 ballot initiative has been instrumental in helping us achieve this goal.  

    To look up completed and upcoming repairs at each school, click here. 

Major Repairs

  • Some of the major upgrades we've been able to complete include:

    • New roofs at several schools, including Mendive Middle School, Galena High School and Reed High School 
    • HVAC upgrades at schools, including Dodson Elementary and Palmer Elementary 
    • Installation of single point of entry at all elementary and middle schools for safety 
    • Upgrades to LED lighting at every District building in order to conserve energy and save money long term