Digital School Days

  • The Washoe County School District (WCSD) is excited to introduce Digital School Days for the 2018-2019 school year! When weather and road conditions are too hazardous for students, families, and staff members to travel to school, WCSD administrators will implement a Digital School Day so students can complete learning activities and assignments provided by the teacher at home.

    This concept is based on a successful pilot program conducted at Incline Village schools last year.

    Principals, teachers, and other school staff members have prepared detailed plans for the implementation of Digital School Days. These plans will include detailed strategies to deliver lessons to students who don't have access to technology. These plans will also include protocols for when a teacher is not able to access technology and for when the hazardous weather and road conditions were unexpected. Additionally, there will be opportunities for students to make up any work that they had been unable to access during the Digital School Day. 

    Each school has conducted tests of their plans to ensure functionality, and staff members have reached out to families with information about these plans and tests.

    Click on the links below if you need help with accessing Digital School Day assignments.



About Digital School Days

  • Why did WCSD create Digital School Days?

  • How will our families be notified of a Digital School Day?

  • What about two-hour delays, and when school closes early?

  • How will Digital School Days affect pre-K students?

  • What happens if my student does not complete the Digital School Day assignments?

  • What if my student is on a pre-arranged absence?

  • How much time is my student expected to take to complete assignments during a Digital School Day?

  • Will the school building be closed on a Digital School Day, just as it is on a regular snow day?

  • Will staff be accessible during a Digital School Day? If so, how?

  • We have only one computer at home, but there are several students in our family. What should we do?

  • We don’t have a computer at home. Will my student still receive assignments on Digital School Days?