Facility Modernization Plan

  • The Washoe County School District has launched the development of a Facility Modernization Plan (FMP) that will guide and inform facility use and capital investment decisions for the next five to ten years. 

    Charged with putting WCSD student achievement first and placing emphasis on effective stewardship of district assets, CannonDesign has been contracted to conduct a comprehensive assessment of every WCSD facility, perform demographic studies, and facilitate a transparent planning process distinguished with open community engagement.   

    What is a Facility Modernization Plan? 

    The FMP is the result of a transparent, data-driven process that informs important Board decisions on facility use and capital investment. These decisions will have a lasting effect for 50+ years and will provide better opportunities for many future Washoe County generations. 
    In developing the FMP, participants will consider many key questions, including: 
    » What kind of schools will best prepare all students for the future, and help WCSD educators inspire them to achieve their full potential? 
    » Based on demographic data and district educational vision, what are the right number, sizes and locations of schools to best serve WCSD students? 
    » Which current buildings should be replaced? Expanded? Modernized? Repurposed? 
    » How much will this plan cost? What are the top priorities? 
    » What needs to happen in order to implement the plan?  

    Guiding Principles 

    The WCSD 2023 Facility Modernization Plan will: 
    » Facilitate enhanced educational programs that attract and retain students and faculty 
    » Prescribe sustainable outcomes, socially, ecologically and financially 
    » Be actionable and achievable 
    » Be trusted by stakeholders and developed in partnership with the community 
    » Be data-driven and equitable for all students and neighborhoods, acknowledging WCSD’s unique school communities