The Colts Battalion

  • Wooster High School “Colts Battalion”
    Enrollment: 286 Established: 1967
    54thBattalion Commander: c/ Lieutenant Colonel Celeste Garcia Perez

    The Wooster Colt Battalion, established in 1967, is ready for the 2021-2022 school year! We are starting the new year with a new Army Instructor, MSG Michael Hale.  Welcome!  We have an enrollment record of 286 cadets this school year, that is over 19% of the Wooster High School population. With our Battalion in full swing, we are ready to excel in all our curriculum, tasks, and events finally able to place the majority of last year’s COVID restrictions behind us. Our primary goal for this year is to get our integrated curriculars back on track and onboard all last year’s cadets that were in Distant Learning mode.  It is kind of like having a LET 1.5 group instead of LET 2, but we’ll get them where they need to be.  This year we have the largest LET 1 class in recent history starting over 150. We also have the largest ever LET 2 class at 89.  In a normal school year, some of the events that we participate in are the Italian Festival, Veterans Day Parade, and a recruiting drive held at the local middle school for its students. We are training our cadets to be future leaders and to continue the great legacy of the Colts. As such, we are eager to earn the Honor Unit with Distinction for the 49th year. We are all fired up and prepared for our upcoming challenges! The Colts can’t be beat!