The Highlander Battalion

  • Incline High School

    "The Highlander Battalion"

    Glorious day from the shore of Lake Tahoe – home of the mighty Incline Highlanders!! This year the Highlander Battalion has settled out at 70 cadets, which is a great number considering that the total school enrollment is less than 300! This year we will be fielding a rifle team coached by our very own SFC Eastman who had great success with the team last year. We also plan to have a drone team for the first time this year. CW3 Malara will be coaching the drone team, what a great opportunity to learn together! Hopefully, in a couple of short years, we will be able to move into our new facilities in a brand-new wing for Incline High School. In the meantime, we are improvising, adapting, and overcoming – in true Highlander spirit! It is going to be a glorious school year GO HIGHLANDERS!!!