The Ironhorse Battalion

  • Sparks High School

     "Ironhorse Battalion"

    55th Battalion Commander: C/Lieutenant Colonel Mila Fisher

    Despite how difficult our Ironhorse Cadets' experiences have been with the effects of Covid and distance learning, we have been doing our best to be a motivated, strong, and successful battalion. We will make this the best year our Cadets have been able to experience since the activities and events we participate in will not be limited. 
    We want to help our Cadets pass their classes and do well in their education. After the pandemic, a lot of our students have been less consistent with attendance, good studying habits, and learning their classwork. We would like to help our students by having tutoring days where we help them in areas they are struggling and help them catch up on missing work. 
    We also want to continue retaining and recruiting cadets. We will be advertising in classes like PE to tell them the benefits of joining JROTC and let them know why we enjoy it. We will also advertise to middle schoolers. 
    Lastly, we want our cadets to have fun and help our community. We will be telling our cadets about the extracurriculars and competitions they can compete in. We will have PT days where we will play games and do team-building activities. We will be participating in community service activities, such as the rib cook-off, and the trunk or treat at Robert Mitchell. We would also like to give the families in need at that school Christmas gifts. We will also invite them to our school for a small party and story time. We hope this will be a good opportunity for our cadets to help others and have fun. 
    We hope that by giving our Cadets fun opportunities, they'll be willing to be better citizens and enjoy participating in JROTC. We are excited about participating in activities, events, and competitions. We want our cadets to do well in their classes, have fun, and serve their community. We have a strong group of LET 2's, 3's, and 4's that we know will help our freshmen grow into more confident leaders and do their best. SPARKS IS 1HE MIGHTIEST!!!