The Cougar Battalion

  • Spanish Springs High School

    “Cougar Battalion”


    Enrollment: 184                                                                         Established: 2001


    23rd Battalion Commander: C/Lieutenant Colonel Landon South

    The Cougar Battalion has been through many hardships throughout the past couple of years with our enrollment count dropping significantly since the lockdown started. However, we prevailed in the end and are rising back up to reach heights we have never seen before. These hardships have brought out the best and brightest our battalion has to offer to lead our program for years to come.

                For the first time in our Battalion’s history, our Raider team placed 2nd in the nation for 5k and our nationally ranked male team is heading to Raider nationals at Fort Knox, Kentucky in November to compete in the Masters division. Our Raider team also continuously achieves raider district champions and even set a district record for Rope Bridge, timing in 1 minute and 28 seconds.

                Our Drill team competed and thrived at both regionals and nationals as well as won first place overall 4 consecutive years at Kaiser regional championship. With this experience, knowledge, and skills, our drill team is heading for a harder challenge by competing at Golden Bear Championship for the first time. Our Drill team also consistently takes first overall in district drill meets. There is no doubt that our drill team is rebound for being the best in the west!

                Rifle team has brought back the precision team for the first time in 15 years with new and improved rifles and gear. Our precision team ranks 9th in the west coast after just a short time of shooting and they’re only getting better as time goes on. Our sporter Rifle team consistently ranks first in the district meets and currently ranks 1st in the state and 11th in the nation!

                Our Battalion, through the efforts and hard work of all cadets and staff during JPA this previous year, has won back our honor unit with distinction 4 years after we lost it. This is a huge milestone for our battalion and a sign for our growing status. This year’s battalion accomplished its goal of retainment through the let levels and an increase in incoming cadets, from 136 to 184 cadets!

    We are excited and working hard to constantly improve our character and our battalion to better ourselves for years to come. Semper Paratus!