The Hawk Regiment

  • Procter Hug High School

    "The Hawks Battalion"


    Enrollment:  180                                                                          Established:1968

    55th Battalion Commander: C/Lieutenant Colonel Saeed Calderon Merlos

    The Hug Hawks Battalions started our second year at our new campus on 14 August. Although enrollment numbers are slightly down from last year, we have high hopes that we can make up that ground throughout the year as we showcase our program to the 2000+ students at Hug High School. Returning cadets welcomed our LET 1 cadets on 7 August with our first annual Hawks Camp, where the incoming LET 1s got to experience a little bit of what it means to be a part of the Hawks Battalion while building those relationships that are the foundation for success.

    We said farewell to our principal and several other members of the school administration from last year and welcomed the new staff with open arms while we endure the many changes that have come with it. We will continue to strive to establish a robotics, cyber, and drone team this year while we push for more engagement in JLAB, Raider, Drill and Rifle. Color guard is already going strong having completed 3 events thus far and more on the way. The cadets are really putting themselves out there in the public eye.

    The new Battalion command group, staff and company leaders are set to go to our annual leadership camp at Grizzly Creek Ranch from 8-10 September, where we engage in fun team-building activities and conduct our yearly planning for the Battalion. Cadets will write the base plan for the Continuous Improvement Project (CIP), Service-Learning Project (SLP) and the various fund-raisers and company projects that support CIP and SLP.

    After graduating 43 of 48 seniors last year, we are approaching our goal of 100% senior graduation, but are not quite there. Almost all of last year’s seniors will either enter military service, attend college, or have entered the work force. We look forward to seeing how well they are doing in a couple of years and hope that they stop by for a visit from time to time to share their life experiences with the cadets.

    The Hug Hawks are off and running again and are excited to begin this new year! Go Hawks!