The Hawk Regiment

  • Procter Hug High School

    "The Hawks Battalion"


    Enrollment:220                                                                          Established:1968

    41st Battalion Commander: C/Lieutenant Colonel Riley Gillis

    The Hug Hawks Battalion is thriving in this new school year. We continue to maintain our Honor Unit with Distinction and strive to better our cadets. We have improved in our recruitment effort and gained 100 incoming freshman. The Hawks Battalion proudly competed in the JLAB Nationals in Washington D.C. this summer and made it to the Army semifinals. This year we plan to have a 100% graduation rate among our senior cadets. The Hug Hawks Battalion cannot wait to display the amount of practice and training put in by our Raider, Drill, and Rifle teams. Transitioning from a regiment to a battalion has strengthened our unit, but we face further challenges ahead as we get ready to move to our new school in the summer of 2022. Let’s have a great year! Go Hawks!