The Hawk Regiment

  • Procter Hug High School

    "The Hawks Battalion"


    Enrollment:  253                                                                          Established:1968

    42nd Battalion Commander: C/Lieutenant Colonel Lizeth Rocha Rocha

    The Hug Hawks Battalion is prospering this school year as we settle into our new school with a student body of nearly 2400. We continue to maintain our Honor Unit with Distinction and strive to better our corps of cadets. We have improved in our recruitment efforts and gained 123 incoming freshmen and expect more as the year goes on. We will continue to strive for a 100% graduation rate among our senior cadets as we prepare them for life after high school. The Hug Hawks Battalion cannot wait to display the amount of practice and training put in by our Raider, Drill, JLAB and Rifle teams as we seek to win more events this year. We plan to establish a robotics team and possibly a cyber team this year as we increase the integrated curricular events that cadets can choose from. We have completed another successful leadership camp and have planned our year’s events. The Hug Hawks are off to a great start so far, so let’s have a great year! Go Hawks!