The Lancer Battalion

  • McQueen High School


     "Lancer Battalion"

    This is the Lancer Battalion’s 41st year and we are looking forward to a challenging but fun year.  McQueen is anxiously awaiting the beginning of the Raider Challenge, Physical Fitness season. The Raider Cadets have been putting in the miles running the “Trail of Tears” and the “Blood Bench Route” behind the school, as well as honing their rope bridge skills at our “Field of Dreams” training site. Typically, after training on Fridays, the team bonds during our weekly gluttonous ice cream eating session. Last year the Lancer Rifle Team had an extremely successful year, and most of the shooters are returning determined to further improve their marksmanship and competition scores.  We also have more novice shooters vying for a position on the team than ever before despite practices being held at 0600.

       This year McQueen has three major changes to our program.  First, we have a Robotics class in JROTC and will have multiple competition Robotics teams.  Second, McQueen will participate with a few WCSD JROTC programs in Drone Competitions.  This is the inaugural year of these competitions.  It promises to be a challenging and fun way for Cadets to gain highly sought-after technical skills and experience programming and flying drones.  Third, in April, McQueen will participate in the Golden Bear National West Coast Drill Competition at Fontana, California.  Best of all, Reno, Galena and Spanish Springs High Schools will also represent the Silver State Brigade at this competition.

       McQueen will also continue providing significant hours of service learning supporting the Reno Rescue Horse Ranch for abandoned/abused horses, the Nevada Veteran’s Guesthouse, and conducting a school-wide food drive.  Last year McQueen raised over 2,000 lbs. of food.  Cadets had the opportunity to earn extra food purchased by a sponsor by doing push-ups. They took this challenge to heart and completed 33,000 push-ups in three weeks.

       Lancer Pride!