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    Three Year K-5 ELA Plan
    The Literacy Framework 2017 Revised
    The WCSD K-3 Literacy Plan The WCSD K-3 Literacy Plan
    The WCSD Literacy Framework serves as a compliment to the District Strategic Plan.  This plan outlines the District's efforts in building a solid early learning foundation, and supports Read by Grade 3 (SB391) legislation.
    The Nevada State Literacy Plan (NSLP) is designed to serve as an evidence-based guide for all Nevada educators. 
    Narrated Power Points to Help with Benchmark FAQs
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    Benchmark Advance Videos: WCSD Teachers in Action 
    Teachers please download/ print the Benchmark Video Guide before watching the videos (one page for all videos).
    WCSD Teachers in Action Videos (this is a youtube channel)
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