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    World Languages


    The WCSD World Languages Division seeks to provide students with the necessary proficiency skills to use another language and acquire knowledge and appreciation of other languages, cultural understandings, and cultural competencies. We hope to inspire students to continue their study of world languages to become proficient speakers, listeners, readers, and writers and to effectively participate and communicate in the global community.


    In addition to proficiency in English Language Arts, every student will graduate with intermediate level proficiency in at least one other world language.

    Guiding Principles

    • Students will engage in challenging and worthwhile learning experiences.
    • Language is best learned in an immersion setting.
    • Language function takes precedence over language form.
    • Language learning is essential to developing 21st century skills, global competencies, and college and career readiness.

    Why Learn Another Language?

    Learning another language takes time and dedication, but there are many benefits which include:

    • Language learning correlates with improved cognitive abilities including higher academic achievement and analyzing and problem solving skills.
    • People who are multilingual are better equipped to function in our globalized world.
    • Knowledge of another language increases job opportunities and multilingual employees are highly valued by employers.
    • Language learning leads to deeper knowledge and appreciation of other people, cultures, and places.
    • Learning another language helps people better understand their own language and culture.
    • Studying another language is essential to providing students with a world class education.
    • Learning another language is required for entrance into many colleges and creates opportunities for more scholarships.

    Languages Offered in WCSD

    American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Pauite, Spanish, and Spanish for Spanish Speakers.  


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