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    Instructional Materials Distribution Center (IMDC)

    How to request instructional materials/textbooks from the IMDC:

    Please email Ellen Badger.

    In your email, include the name/title of the material(s), grade level (if applicable) and the quantity. 

    How to send unused student editions, teacher editions, and student workbooks to the Depository:

    • The Instructional Materials Depository accepts student editions, teacher editions, and student workbooks of currently adopted textbooks only.
    • Fill out the Warehouse Relocation Request. List titles of texts, quantity of each title, and total number of boxes to be moved.
    • Email request to Ellen Badger
    • Please remove all papers, post-its, tape, etc. from texts being returned
    • State statute requires a currently adopted instructional materials/textbook for every student enrolled in a class at your school site.
    • Send only currently adopted instructional materials/textbooks (student editions, teacher editions, and student workbooks only.


    Old FOSS Kits:

    Before relocating old FOSS kits to the Instructional Materials Depository/Textbook Cage, please do the following:

    • Remove any equipment that teachers want to keep (syringes, cups, etc.)
    • Dispose of items that are not in good shape or working order
    • Discard science resources books that are not FOSS Next Gen
    • Consolidate remaining materials into as few kit boxes as possible
    • Fill out the Warehouse Relocation Request. Please include the location where the boxes may be found (cafeteria, front office, etc.).
    • Please remove all papers, post-its, tape, etc. from texts being returned.
    • Email request to Ellen Badger


    NRS 390.230 Use of prescribed textbooks; exceptions; penalty.

    Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, the textbooks adopted by the State Board must be used in the public schools in this State, and no other books may be used as basic textbooks.

    2. This section does not prohibit:
    (a) The continued use of such textbooks previously approved until they become unserviceable.
    (b) The use of supplemental textbooks purchased by a school district with the approval of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
    (c) After approval by the State Board, the temporary use of textbooks for tryout purposes.
    (d) A charter school from using textbooks other than those adopted for use by the State Board.
    3. Any school officer or teacher who violates the provisions of this chapter, or knowingly fails to follow the regulations of the State Board relating to use of textbooks shall be punished by a fine of not more than $250.
    4. All superintendents, principals, teachers and school officers are charged with the execution of this section.
    [322:32:1956]—(NRS A 1967, 171, 564; 1979, 1467, 1600; 1981, 413; 1997, 1871)
    You must have a copy of the adopted textbook available for every student enrolled in a class. 

    The Washoe County School District website may contain links that lead to resources, video, etc., which is located on servers that are not maintained or controlled by the District. The District is not responsible for the contents of any such referenced websites or for the availability of access to such websites.