Semester Finals and Exams for Credit

  • Semester Finals

    Cumulative semester final exams are required for all high school level courses which award one-half credit or more as well as several middle school level courses. The Final Test Guidelines describe and define protocols related to final tests for WCSD courses.
    --Note to Students/Parents: District/State common finals may not be given early/before the final exam window opens. There are no retake opportunities for district/state common finals. If a student violates electronic policies or is found cheating on a final exam, the test will be invalidated and the final exam score is zero/"F". If a student is absent and does not make-up a missing final, the overall course grade will be incomplete and will change to an "F" after the make-up window closes.

    --Guidelines for Test Coordinators, Test Administration (Teacher Edition), and SchoolCity reporting are available from the Department of Assessment (Math Finals) or Department of EL (ELL Finals), and are provided to School Test Coordinators for distribution to test administrators and for use in refresher training.

  • Curriculum and Assessment Resources


    Math: Instructional Materials

    Instructional Materials aligned to the WCSD Course Guides and District Common Finals for Algebra 1*, Geometry*, Algebra 2 standard, honors/GT, and foundations courses.
    *Students will take the statewide Nevada End of Course finals at the end of semester 2 or the final term of Algebra 1 and Geometry equivalent courses.

     Course Name

     Instructional Materials:

    Semester 1

     Instructional Materials:

    Semester 2

    • Algebra 1
    • Foundations in Algebra 1
    • MYP Algebra 1 (VMS)
    • ACCEL Algebra 1 (GT)
      Algebra 1 S1
    --Algebra 1 S2 - Math I NV End of Course Final
    *See: EOC Remediation (NDE website)
    • Geometry
    • Foundations in Geometry 
      Geometry S1
    --Geometry S2 - Math II NV End of Course Final
    *See: EOC Remediation (NDE website)
    • Formal Geometry (H)
      Formal Geometry S1
    --Formal Geometry S2 - Math II NV End of Course Final
    *See: EOC Remediation (NDE website)
    • Algebra 2
    • Foundations in Algebra 2 
      Algebra 2 S1
      Algebra 2 S2
    • Algebra 2 Honors/(H)
    • ACCEL Algebra 2 
      Algebra 2 (Honors) S1
      Algebra 2 (Honors) S2
    2-year Algebra 1: Year 1 (equivalent to semester 1) 
      Algebra 1 Year 1 Sem 1 (Course 7824)
      Algebra 1 Year 1 Sem 2 (Course 7825)
    2-year Algebra 1: Yr 2 (equivalent to semester 2)
      Algebra 1 Yr 2 Sem 1 (Course 7826)
      Algebra 1 Yr2 Sem 2 (Course 7827) - Math II NV End of Course Final
    *See: EOC Remediation (NDE website)

    Guides and Related Resources

     Calculator Note:  Calculator Policies are designed to ensure fairness for all examinees, avoid disturbances in the testing room, and protect the security of the test materials. Approved scientific calculators are allowed on the District Common Finals in Algebra 1 and Geometry courses; approved graphing calculators are permitted on exams in Algebra 2 courses.

    Nevada End of Course (NV-EOC) Finals

    Resources & Support

    • Remediation Resources - materials aligned to the EOC finals (links to Nevada Department of Education website)


    Nevada End of Course (EOC) finals are taken at the end of semester 2 (last term) of the course aligned to the assessed standards. Beginning spring 2018, EOC final exams will only be administered to students currently enrolled in an "EOC aligned" course and performance on the EOC final is part of the academic grade.
    NV EOC Finals: Aligned Courses (pdf)

    NV-EOC Final

    Participating Course Numbers (WCSD)
    School Year 2018-2019
    (English, Gr 10)
     1028, 1212, 1214, 1220, 1222, 1276, 1304, 7312, 7756
    Math I
    (Algebra 1)
     217B, 228, 773, 776, 2202, 2402, 2414, 7332, 7770, 7827, 13206 (adult)
    Math II
     248, 773, 2212, 2216, 2218, 2404, 2414, 7334, 7772, 13208 (adult)

    Examinations for Credit, High School Only

    Students needing to recover credit after failing a course, or students interested in challenging a course, may be eligible to take an exam for high school credit. Course options are limited and eligibility requirements must be met. Students must meet with their school counselor to discuss options and receive permission to take a Mastery Exam (after failing a course) or Credit by Exam (if challenging a course not previously taken).