• Nevada's Read by Grade 3 Program

    NRS 388.157 (Link to NRS 388)


    MAP Growth Reading: Grades K-3

    MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive benchmark assessment that provides a different, personalized test for each student. Depending on how a student answers each question, the test adjusts in difficulty. This allows students with widely varying skill levels – from struggling to advanced – to take a test that is well-suited to their needs. Teachers are able to access results immediately after a test is completed. Each test provides detailed teacher reports that show skills students are proficient in and what they are ready to work on next.

    When are students assessed?

    • MAP Growth Reading is administered in fall, winter, and spring

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    BRIGANCE: Screener

    The BRIGANCE Early Childhood Screen III is a collection of assessments children may participate in during pre-K and kindergarten. Administration of the BRIGANCE EC Screen III may be used to support Nevada law which directs the screening of pre-K and kindergarten students in the state of Nevada.

    • Screening is typically completed within 15-20 minutes.
    • Screening enables teachers to gather information about a child’s strengths and areas for growth in key developmental skills.

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