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    What is MAP?

    MAP stands for Measures of Academic Progress. MAP is a computer-adaptive benchmark assessment in reading. It provides a different, personalized test for each student. Depending on how a student answers each question, the test adjusts in difficulty. This allows students with widely varying skill levels – from struggling to advanced – to take a test that is well-suited to their needs. Teachers are able to access student scores immediately after students complete a test. Each test provides detailed teacher reports that show the skills students are proficient in and what they are ready to work on next.

    What is a RIT score?

    RIT is a unit of measure that uses individual item difficulty values to estimate student achievement. Similar to measuring height on a yard-stick, the RIT scale is used to measure how "tall" a student is on the curriculum scale and scores can be compared to tell how much growth a student has made.. It is important to remember that the RIT score is one of the most important pieces of information on a student’s report. This score is independent of the age or grade of the student, and reflects the instructional level at which the student is currently performing.

    Click here to view the 2020 NWEA MAP Norm Tables: Norm Tables



MAP Reports

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    Sample Student Progress Report


     Infinite Campus


    MAP scores are available in Infinite Campus. Click here for information on how scores are displayed in Infinite Campus.

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