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Training Opportunities

  • Contact
    to schedule school staff training opportunities.
    To view School City training events and online office hours, click the calendar below:
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School City Features

  • Assessment Types
    Lists the different types of assessment that may be created in School City.
    Describes the different item types that are available when making a School City assessment.
    Report Manager Overview
    Provides a description of premade reports as well as explains the types of data included in the reports as well when to use each type.
    A summary table describing the type of assessments available through Inspect.
    A description of each of the allowable options for online testing.

School City Reports

Other School City Help Documents

       A+ Performance Assessments                   Gridded Response Items Help Document
               A+ Performance                                  Gridded Response Items
         Image of AKO Help sheet            Creating Item Bank Assessments       
             Answer Key Only Tests                          Item Bank Test 


    Item Banks Help Documents

    Item Bank Basics           Item Template           Anatomy of an Item
            Item Bank Basics                          Item Bank Template                    
        Anatomy of an Item


    WCSD Help Documents

    Print and Score answer sheets in School City                    
      District Common Finals (MS/HS)