Help Documents

  • Assessment Types
    Lists the different types of assessment that may be created in School City.
    Describes the different item types that are available when making a School City assessment.
    Report Manager Overview
    Provides a description of premade reports as well as explains the types of data included in the reports as well when to use each type.
    Online Testing Administration
    Step-by-step directions for selecting and administering online assessments. Troubleshooting and tips are also provided.
    A+ Performance Assessments
    Step-by-step instructions for creating rubric scored assessments.
    Information on how to view various reports as well as options for viewing and exporting assessment information.

    Item Banks Help Documents

    Working with Item Banks
    Directions on how to create items and manage Item Banks.
    Using Item Bank Template
    Step-by-step directions for accessing item bank templates and copying to personal work space.
    Creating an Item
    Tips for creating various item types and adding to an Item Bank.
    Creating an Item Bank Assessment
    Walk-through and tips for creating item bank assessments.

Training Opportunities

  • Contact Assessment Support for onsite training opportunities.
    To view School City webinar training schedule and to register, click the calendar below:
    image of a monthly calendar page