Training On-Demand

  • *Login to WCSD required to access on-demand training through Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Stream (video).

  • MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

    On-demand training for MAP Proctors and Test Administrators (teachers, licensed certified/admin) responsible for test session setup, management, and supervision during administration.

    • Click link to begin; requires login to Office 365 (MS Teams)
    • Training must be completed in one session (<60 min)

     MAP for Proctors and Test Administrators

    • Users may create test sessions and assign the MAP Growth assessment beginning the afternoon before the administration window opens or immediately before students will test.
    • Do not attempt to test students before the administration window opens.

    *Authorized proctors will need to ask the school test coordinator for a school proctor account to use during training. This same account or different proctor account may be assigned by the school test coordinator for live administration.

    Assessments required under NV Read by Grade 3 (RBG3), grades K-3

    • Grades 2-3 (fall/winter/spring) - Growth: Reading 2-5 (no audio)
    • Grade 1 (fall/winter/spring) - Growth: Reading K-2, requires headphones
    • Kindergarten (winter/spring) - Growth: Reading K-2, requires headphones