Training On-Demand

  • *Login to WCSD required to access on-demand videos through Microsoft Stream

  • MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)

    On-demand training for K-3 Test Administrators (teachers, licensed certified/admin) and "MAP Proctors" responsible for test session setup and management.

    • Click link to begin; requires login to Office 365 (MS Teams)
    • Training must be completed in one session (<60 min)

      MAP for Site Proctors* (create and manage test sessions in NWEA)

    • Users may create test sessions beginning the afternoon before the administration window opens up until immediately before students will test.
    • Do not attempt to test students before the administration window opens.

    *Site Proctors will need to ask the school test coordinator for a school proctor account to use during training.

      MAP for Test Administrators (teachers, licensed educational personnel)

    Assessments required under NV Read by Grade 3 (RBG3), grades K-3

    • Grades 2-3 (fall/winter/spring) - Growth: Reading 2-5 (no audio)
    • Grade 1 (fall/winter/spring) - Growth: Reading K-2, requires headphones
    • Kindergarten (winter/spring) - Growth: Reading K-2, requires headphones