Test Security

Resources for Staff Training

  • PRESENTATIONS: Use for Annual and Refresher Training

    Participation log templates for documenting staff training: (retain all records of training for 3 school-years)

      WCSD A Primer for Testing (ppt, presentation)
    • Procedures and professional expectations, providing accessibility supports, irregularities.
    • Mandatory, All Staff; required of all staff assisting or involved with state and district test administrations.
    • PowerPoint slide deck includes notes.
    Video Presentation (XX min):
    • Watch on YouTube (Coming Soon)
    1._NDE Test Security and Administration (mandatory, all staff)
    Overview of test security and test administration information for Nevada testing program.
    Video Presentation (11:32 min), two ways to watch:
    2._Nevada CRT & NAA (test administrators, test coordinators)
    Prepare for administration of Nevada CRT-SBAC (Science, Summative Smarter Balanced ELA & Math) and NAA (Alternate).

    • Presentation slide deck with notes (ppt)
    • Notetaker (pdf)
    --HIGH SCHOOL (9-12):
    • Presentation slide deck with notes (ppt)
    • Notetaker (pdf)

    --ALTERNATE (3-8, 12):
    • Presentation slide deck with notes (ppt)
    • Notetaker (pdf)