Resources for Staff Training

    --The "Primer" is required annual reading for all staff who may administer or assist in the administration of state and/or district assessments, including those who may be authorized to handle or supervise secure test materials.

    --By signing the acknowledgment form, personnel certify that they have (1) read the WCSD Primer document, (2) viewed the NDE training presentation (video), and provide assurance that they will (3) participate in other test security and administration training as required. School principal retains signed forms with secure test materials.



    PRESENTATIONS: Use for Annual and Refresher Training

    Participation log templates for refresher and other training: (retain all records of training for 3 school-years)

    Spring 2021 - Nevada CRT & NAA (test administrators, test coordinators)
    Prepare for administration of Nevada CRT-SBAC (Science, Summative Smarter Balanced ELA & Math) and NAA (Alternate). Read Test Administrator's Manual (TAM) and view accompanying presentation.

    Presentation-2021 NV-CRT Training slide deck with notes (ppt)
    Notetaker (pdf)
    --HIGH SCHOOL (9-12):
    Presentation-2021 Science/NAA Training slide deck with notes (ppt)
    Notetaker (pdf)
    *Teachers administering the NAA should have viewed the recorded presentation provided from Special Education.
     ◊ NDE Test Security and Administration (mandatory, all staff)
    Overview of test security and test administration information for Nevada testing program.
    Video Presentation (11:32 min), two ways to watch:

      WCSD A Primer for Testing "Highlights" (mandatory, all staff)
    Highlights from the Primer: procedures and professional expectations, providing accessibility supports, irregularities.
    Video Presentation (38:34), two ways to watch:

    •••PowerPoint slide deck with notes > WCSD Training Presentation (ppt)

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