Forms and Resources

  • District & State Assessment Programs

    Guidance: "UAAG" - Nevada Usability, Accessibility and Accommodations Guide (pdf)

     ◊ Testing Accommodations Forms (IEP & 504)

    • Nevada Testing Accommodations for IEP & 504 (under revision)
      • IEP and 504 Plans; form will be embedded in AcceliPLAN (IEP)
      • Use for students in grades 3-10 (State CRT--Summative Smarter Balanced ELA & Math, and Science
    • *Nevada Special Testing Accommodation Request*
      • Late consideration for emergency circumstance & new enrollment only.
      • For Summative Smarter Balanced ELA (gr 3-8); IEP and 504 eligible only

    *See "Certification Forms" for guidance on AT and Medical devices in the testing room.

    District Assessment Program: Contact Assessment Support to discuss special needs for testing.


    ◊ Resources: Testing Accommodations (IEP, 504)

    Testing accommodations for IEP and 504 eligible students should be based on individual characteristics and needs. Accommodations are intended to less the effects on a student's disability; they are not intended to reduce learning expectations.

    • Multiplication Table, 1-12 (pdf)
      • IEP/504 Testing Accommodation for Math tests
      • May be appropriate for students with a documented and persistent calculation disability (i.e. dyscalculia)
    • 100s Number Table (pdf)
      • IEP/504 Testing Accommodation for Math tests
      • May be appropriate for students with documented needs related to visual processing or spacial perception

    Guidelines for accommodations and designated supports are subject to change annually.

     ◊ Resources: Universal Tools--Permissible Testing Materials


    If not specifically stated, scratch paper may only be plain unlined, lined, patty paper, or grid-only (unlabeled) graphing paper. Print your own grid-only paper (each download includes one page of gray, dark gray, or black (source >


    A calculator is a universal tool for calculator allowed test items on district, state, and national assessments. Students taking the Nevada Science and Mathematics assessments through DRC INSIGHT will have access to an embedded calculator for select math items starting in grade 6, and science assessments starting in grade 5. Follow test specific guidelines for hand-held calculator use on paper-based district and national assessments.

    See also:


     ◊ Confidentiality Agreement Form; Read Aloud, Scribing, Transcribing Protocols

    Required for adults authorized to be in the testing room and who may have direct or indirect access to secure test content and/or student responses as part of a student's testing accommodation/support; as required by a test (e.g. NAA, ELPA).


     ◊ Certification of Proper Use Forms for Medical or AT Device Use

    For students requiring assistive technology (AT) and students supported with medical devices while in the testing environment, certain features must be disabled and proper use must be certified in writing when used in the secure testing environment. The AT or medical device must be documented in the student's IEP or Section 504 Plan. Print the appropriate form. Students must be supervised when accessing devices during the testing period. Test administrators must certify in writing that the device was not used to access non-permissible applications or information, or capture, record or communicate secure test content.

    • Medical Device Form (Word)
      • Certify in writing that all security and administration procedures were followed for an electronic device required for monitoring of documented medical need.
      • Retain 3 years with secure testing documentation.
    • AT Device for "Speech-to-Text" Form (Word)
      • Disable internet and specified features of authorized applications.
      • Delete student responses from AT devices after testing.
      • Certify in writing that all security and administration procedures were followed for the use of AT to provide speech-to-text accommodation for testing.
      • Retain 3 years with secure testing documentation.
    • AT Device for other authorized use
      • Contact Assessment Support regarding devices, including mobile phone and Bluetooth compatible, that may provide non-permissible information or access to non-approved applications and is used by a student as an accommodation during testing.


    ◊ Templates for DRC Supported Assessments (Coming fall 2020)

    Posted (date): Use the template to document online embedded, paper administration, and additional used accommodations. Submit the completed spreadsheet to AssessmentSupport (date TBD) for spring test administrations. *Charter schools, upload the file to your school designated folder in the Nevada Bighorn Portal and notify Assessment Support.

    • Elementary/Middle, Grades 3 to 8 Template (Excel)
      • Use for Nevada Summative Smarter Balanced ELA & Math, and Science
    • High School Template (Excel)
      • Use for Nevada High School Science and NV EOC ELA Part 2


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