Reporting Irregularities in Testing

    Contact WCSD Assessment Support to report irregularities in test security and test administration. Immediately following an incident, begin collecting statements from involved staff, students, and other observers as appropriate. All incident reports are to be completed and submitted by the principal or site test coordinator.


    WCSD District Tests and Local Incidents

    Use for incidents related to BRIGANCE, Civics, District Common Finals, EOC Finals, and MAP Mathematics. Use the Nevada Online Incident Reporting system to report security breaches on state assessments.

        • LOCAL Incident Irregularity Reporting Template (Word)


    NEVADA Testing Program - WASHOE DISTRICT Online Incident Reporting

    WASHOE schools, report incidents related to the following assessments in the Nevada Testing Program: ACT, CTE, EOC, MAP Reading, NAA, Science, Summative, and WIDA (ACCESS)


    1. Same day > Principal (P) or School Test Coordinator (STC) contact Assessment Support* by email or phone to report the incident. *WIDA (ACCESS) incidents contact Department of ELD (Attn: TNunn)
    2. Complete online Incident Form:
      • Washoe District form, Click > STATE Irregularity Reporting 
        • This report form link is ONLY FOR Washoe County School District public/WCSD charter schools.
        • Form cannot be saved or reopened and must be completed in one sitting. 
        • If you must step away before completing a report, lock your computer screen; system/form will not time-out. 
        • Submit the reporting form only once per incident.
    3. Before launching the online form, be prepared with the following information:
      1. Test Name
      2. Grade Level(s)
      3. Description of the irregularity (narrative of the incident and the outcome)
        • *If the irregularity occurred during one part of the test, make note of the test name AND which part in the description section (e.g. WIDA-Speaking, Summative-Math)
      4. Planned corrective action (action taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future)
      5. Student Information*
        • *If the incident involves no more than two students, type student information into the form. For more than two students, prepare and attach a file. For each student, include: Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial, State ID (10-digit), and Birthdate
      6. Collected Evidence: Combine all collected evidence into one document or zip file.

    Complete all sections and verify submission prior to closing the report form window. Submitted forms are reviewed by the District Test Director (DTD) for prior to submitting the final report to the Nevada Department of Education (NDE). School administrators cannot re-open a submitted form. Contact Assessment Support to add new information or attachments to an already submitted incident report.


    WCSD Assessment Support Team
    Email:  Assessment Support
    Phone: (775) 348-0248
    Fax: (775) 333-6081