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Accommodations, IEP/504

Testing accommodations should be provided in alignment with a student's IEP or Section 504 plan. Accommodations must be allowed for an assessment to generate valid scores. Guidelines for accommodations and designated supports allowed for an assessment are subject to change annually. Consult manuals for the testing year.

Resources for Accommodated Testing

Mathematics Reference Accommodations

  • 100s Number Table (pdf)
    • May be appropriate for students with documented needs related to visual processing or spacial perception
  • Multiplication Table, 1-12 (pdf)
    • May be appropriate for students with a documented and persistent calculation disability (i.e., dyscalculia)
    • 1x12 for Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment, Math only

Special Testing Accommodation Request - form to request non-standard testing accommodations on the Smarter Balanced Summative ELA assessment only. Request deadline: January 22, 2024.