• ES3  
    In 2012, the State Board of Education adopted standards for employability skills that are a required component of all CTE programs. The standards, titled the Employability Skills for Career Readiness, include 21 performance indicators organized in three domains: 1) Personal Qualities and People Skills 2) Professional Knowledge and Skills 3) Technology Knowledge and Skills. Students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in Employability Skills upon completion of a CTE course sequence.
    In the spring of 2014, the WCSD Council for Career & Technical Education (CCATE) invited industry members to provide perspective, definition and feedback about the expectations of employers regarding these 21 standards.  From the insights gained from nearly 100 employers across industry sectors, the Council assembled resources for teachers and students to help define each standard and provide a growth measurement along continuum from skill acquisition to proficiency. These detailed descriptors, referred to as ES3: Employability Skills for Student Success were tested in classrooms across the district in 2015-16 and are now available to as a resource for use in all classrooms.


    Personal Qualities & People Skills
    WCSD Signatures & CTE Employability
    Employability Perspective: Small Business