• CTE Programs of Distinction School Year 2019-20

    The recognition system is the final step of the review process. This system is structured around the individual programs of study. Each program of study will be scored independently. 

    There are two levels of program recognition and one level of school recognition: Program of Excellence; Program of Distinction; and CTE School of Excellence.

    The scoring system consists of six triggers and a QPS points total. Each trigger must receive a “meets standard” or “highly effective” ranking for the total points score to be applied to the recognition system. The six triggers are the following program performance standards: QPS 2.1, QPS 2.2, QPS 2.5, QPS 3.1, QPS 6.2 and QPS 8.5.


    • Program of Excellence = 150 points and all six triggers met

    • Program of Distinction = 180 points and all six triggers met

    • CTE School of Excellence = All programs have earned one of the individual program recognitions. 

    For more information on how CTE programs are awarded special recognition from the Nevada Department of Education, click below.


    CTE Programs of Distinction  


     CTE Program of Excellence