• To prepare Reed High School’s culinary students to design and utilize the food, Intuit has developed a food truck program resource guide that features eleven modules designed to help students build and implement a successful food truck business in the following areas:

    • Module 1: Introduction to the Intuit food truck program
    • Module 2: Developing your food truck business idea
    • Module 3: Designing the food truck wrap and menu
    • Module 4: Sustainability
    • Module 5: Entrepreneurial finance
    • Module 6: Point of Sale systems and bookkeeping
    • Module 7: Food truck operations
    • Module 8: Food truck maintenance
    • Module 9: Marketing your food truck business
    • Module 10: Sourcing food locally and seasonally
    • Module 11: School and district guidance for operating a successful food truck

    In addition to building culinary skills, the Intuit food truck program builds students’ entrepreneurial and durable skills that help students prepare for a career.  Also, professional development resources are included for teachers that highlight key topics to be covered to ensure that teachers have everything they need to successfully facilitate each module with their students.