Assessment Training & Meetings Calendar

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    >> November-December: Click the date on the calendar below for a link to join the MS Teams meeting; no registration required

    MAP Training for Teachers, Proctors, School Test Coordinators

    • Distance Learning: Preparing to Test – December 4, 7, 8, 10 & 18; Mandatory for School Test Coordinators/Principals (or designee) and Teachers/Proctors doing remote testing (this session does not cover creating/managing test sessions)
    • MAP Proctor Training for Teachers – December 2, 18; Mandatory for teachers new to proctoring MAP testing, in-person and/or remote; 30 minutes
    • MAP Proctor Training (general) December 1 & 3; Mandatory for anyone new to proctoring MAP testing, in-person and/or remote (e.g. ETS, teacher, coach, administrator); 45 minutes

    SchoolCity Training for Teachers (Creating Tests, Managing Online Administration)

    • Answer Key Only Assessments – November 30, December 3 & 8; Teachers will be shown how to take their paper assessment and make it available to administer online through SchoolCity
    • Online Test Administration/Management – December 1, 3, 7, & 8; Teachers will be shown how to activate and manage online administration of assessments in SchoolCity
    • EL Teachers > ELD: SchoolCity Online Administration Training - December 10 (two times to choose from); training provided in collaboration with Department of ELD