Home Hospital Services



    Home/Hospital is a temporary service for all students with health issues due to injury or illness. If a student is eligible to receive special education and related services, Home/Hospital becomes an educational placement. Therefore, an IEP revision is written to address a change of placement.


    What assistance do we offer schools?


    ·        Instructional services in the home to students who are unable to attend school for extreme medical conditions that have been verified in writing by a physician


    ·        Advisement to IEP Teams re: correct procedures for documenting Home Hospital services


    ·        Coordination of materials and assignments between home and teacher(s) of record at school


    ·        Instructional services to incarcerated youth in adult settings


    ·        Ongoing and regular communication and contact with Case Manager


    ·        Data collection, as appropriate, toward individual student/IEP goals


    ·        Proctoring & administration of district/statewide testing in the home


    ·        Facilitate the exchange of information & communication between home and school


    Dustin Beil
    Supervising Administrator
    Mathew Burak
    Executive Director