Hearing Impairment

  • Hearing Impairment

    NAC defines “Hearing Impairment” to mean an impairment of the hearing mechanism which affects sound integration and prevents or delays the normal development of speech and language.

    What assistance do we offer schools?

    • Communication observations, assessment support, and placement recommendations for students identified with hearing loss in the district and needing additional support
    • Consultation to IEP teams within the district who are supporting students with hearing loss in their zoned schools
    • Semi-self-contained programming for students with hearing loss who require direct instruction in their primary communication modality (i.e. sign language and/or spoken English)
    • Consultative and direct instruction for students with hearing loss in their mainstream setting who required additional support to be successful.
    • Leveled system of support for general education classroom inclusion
    • Training on classroom acoustics and language support in the general education classroom
    • Support for teachers in designing appropriate classroom accommodations
    • Assistance with Individualized Education Plans
    • Students that have hearing loss receive hearing checks through the district Audiologist as required by their IEPs
    • The audiology department provides sound field and direct audio input equipment to support equal access of academics to students with hearing loss according to their IEPs
    • Audiology Technician to support equipment troubleshooting
    • Direct communication services to address language, listening, and speech development in students with hearing loss

    For more information or Support Contact:

    Marcy Pimpl

    Special Education Administrator