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    Welcome! This page provides general information and resources for parents and families. Click on the image(s) below for further information. For answers to specific school related questions please contact your child's teacher, school counselor, or Special Education Case Manager.

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    Financial Security and Disability Toolkit

    (Prepared by Applied Research and Policy Institute)

    FS&D Toolkit

    Being a person with a disability (PWD) or the parent/
    guardian of a person with a disability presents

    many challenges. One of the most significant
    challenges includes overcoming substantial barriers
    to establishing financial stability. The purpose
    of this toolkit is to provide PWDs and parents/
    guardians with simple, high-quality, easily-accessible
    information regarding various federal and Nevada specific
    resources designed to assist PWDs and their
    family members to more efficiently navigate the
    process of financial decision making.

    Financial Security and Disability Toolkit




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