Speech and Language (SLP)

  • Speech and Language (SLP)

    “Speech and language” means skills relating to articulation, phonology, receptive language, expressive language, syntax, semantics, morphology, fluency and the use of the voice.

    NAC defines “Speech and Language Impairment” to mean a disorder relating to language, articulation, fluency, or the use of the voice which:

    • Is outside the range of acceptable variation in a given environment;
    • Is inconsistent with the chronological or mental age of the student; or
    • Affects the emotional, social, or educational adjustment of the student.

    What Assistance do we offer schools?

    • Speech and Language Services are provided to each student who qualifies for this service at all WCSD school sites.
    • Assessment services are offered to families in collaboration with the Child Find Project.
    • Speech and Language Pathologists participate as part of the Mobile Autism Assessment Team.
    • Speech and Language Services are provided to eligible preschoolers, in private, home, or community based Early Childhood programs in Washoe County.
    • Support and guidance are provided to site teams in regards to speech and language related issues.



    Katey Bender (775) 333-3714

    Special Education Administrator