Transferring of Rights - Supported Decision Making

  •  Students' Educational Interests When Turning 18 Years Old

     Transfer of Educational Rights 

    Nevada law requires that school districts notify students and families not less than 1 year before the date on which the student with a disability turns 18.  The notification must provide information to both the student and family regarding the transfer of rights. When the transfer of rights occurs, all rights that were previously held by the parents under the IDEA and Nevada special education laws transfer to the adult student. Thus, the adult student shall make all decisions related to his/her IEP and the adult student is held personally accountable for his/her actions.

    Supported Decision Making

    Supported decision-making (SDM) allows an individual with a disability to work with a team and make his or her own choices about his or her own life. Under this model, the individual designates people to be part of a support network to help with decision-making. The SDM is intended to promote self-determination, control, and autonomy. The focus is to provide supports for the adult students to make their own decisions, but not to substitute the supported members decisions for that of the adult student.

    Below are links to documents that may assist families and caregivers through this process. Please contact the special education teacher at your school with any questions.

     SDM Overview             SDM Form

              SDM Overview                                 SDM Form

    Application to Represent              Transfer of Rights

     Application to Represent                       Transfer of Rights