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    Vice President Katy Simon Holland’s biggest passion is serving the children and families of Washoe County by being a responsible steward of taxpayer funds and the community’s trust. She plans to continue her advocacy in her role as Trustee by assuring college and career readiness, community engagement, employee satisfaction and oversight for all future projects.

    Professional Accomplishments:

    Trustee Holland brings a diverse resume of accomplishments including time spent as a teacher, counselor, small business owner, Washoe County Manager, local government innovation teacher and now a member of the Board of Trustees. As County Manager, Trustee Holland oversaw an $800 million budget with 3,200 employees and earn a 90 percent plus voter approval rating.

    Education Advocacy & Community involvement:

    Trustee Holland has dedicated her life to community engagement in education with her background as a teacher, and counselor.  She earned her master’s degree from the University of Nevada, Reno in counseling and serves on numerous boards of organizations that help children inside and outside of school. Holland has been a member of 17 boards, including United Way and the Children’s Cabinet. She has also volunteered as a Big Sister at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada. 

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