• 04-09-2024 Regular Meeting

    04-09-2024 Regular Meeting

    Approval of Fiscal Year 2024-25 Tentative Budget; update on superintendent search; and Quality of Education presentation on Goal 3, Safety & Belonging

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  • 03-12-2024 Regular Meeting

    03-12-2024 Regular Meeting

    Approval of budget request of $500,000 to the Office of the General Counsel; affirmation of independent discretion of Internal Auditor and Interim Superintendent; superintendent search update; and FY25 budget update

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  • 02-27-2024 Regular Meeting

    02-27-2024 Regular Meeting

    Adoption of Board Resolution 24-006, A Resolution recognizing Public Schools Week; direction provided on the FY25 Budget Process; various actions taken related to activities and meetings for the superintendent search; and Quality of Education, Goal 5 presentation

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  • 02-13-2024 Regular Meeting

    02-13-2024 Regular Meeting

    Adoption of Board Resolution 24-003, A Resolution recognizing Black History Month; superintendent search update; and approval of construction and design phase funding allocations for various projects

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  • 02-02-2024 Special Meeting

    02-02-2024 Special Meeting

    Superintendent Search

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  • 01-23-2024 Regular Meeting

    01-23-2024 Regular Meeting

    FY25 Budget Process; Quality of Education, Goal 1 presentation; and preliminary approval to revisions to Board Policy 9065

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  • 01-23-2024 Special Meeting

    01-23-2024 Special Meeting

    Determination of superintendent search firm

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  • 01-09-2024 Regular Meeting

    01-09-2024 Regular Meeting

    Annual reorganization of the Board; adoption of Board Resolution proclaiming January 9, 2024 Law Enforcement Recognition Day; presentation from The Discovery Museum; presentation on iReady usage; presentation on implementation of Centigex Crisis Alert System; and approval of the official job description of Superintendent of Schools

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