District B

  • portrait of Ellen Minetto Ellen Minetto
    Ellen Minetto worked as a music teacher for 31 years before retiring in July 2018. She spent the majority of her career in the Washoe County School District, where she taught at Silver Lake Elementary School, Roger Corbett Elementary School, and Virginia Palmer Elementary School. Having served as a teacher for so long, Trustee Minetto has a deep understanding of the needs of students, families, and teachers in the District. She is passionate about being a voice for all children.

    Trustee Minetto grew up in Moscow, Idaho with two educator parents. Her mom was a music teacher and her father taught communications at the University of Idaho. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a degree in music performance but soon realized she could best use her skills by bringing music to children.

    She has lived in Washoe County since the 1980s and raised three children here. Her son graduated from TMCC High School and her twin daughters graduated from Procter R. Hug High School. She has three grandchildren.

     Contact Ellen Minetto via email at eminetto@washoeschools.net

Elementary Schools

    • Allen
    • Beasley
    • Bennett
    • Diedrichsen
    • Drake
    • Dunn
    • Greenbrae
    • Juniper
    • Lincoln Park
    • Maxwell
    • Mitchell
    • Moss
    • Palmer
    • Risley
    • Sepulveda
    • Kate Smith
    • Sun Valley
    • Whitehead 

Middle Schools

    • Desert Skies
    • Dilworth
    • Mendive
    • Sparks

High Schools

    • Hug 
    • Reed
    • Sparks