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     District F 

    Jacqueline Calvert is a lifelong Reno resident who is passionate about making sure all children receive the best education possible. She grew up in a family of eight and graduated from Procter R. Hug High School. As a single mom, she raised her three children in Reno.

    Trustee Calvert has been involved in her community as a volunteer and as an advocate. She spent time volunteering as an English Language Teacher at the Northern Nevada Literacy Council, where she helped non-native speakers of all ages learn English. Her community work has also extended into the area of advocating for and supporting crime victims. She has served as Chair of the Alliance for Victim’s Rights, a nonprofit organization that bridges the gap between victims of crime, local resources, and public awareness.

    Trustee Calvert has worked a variety of jobs over the years, mostly in the service industry. She’s currently a food server at the Gold Dust West Casino. She also has experience in education, having worked in the cafeteria and on the grounds of a middle school in Vacaville, Calif. She has a degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

    She loves reading and is most passionate about ensuring that all children are able to read and develop a love of books and learning.


     Contact Jacqueline Calvert via email at jacqueline.calvert@washoeschools.net
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