portrait of veronica frenkel  Verónica Frenkel, M.A.

     District F 

    Verónica Frenkel is the daughter of Chilean immigrants who came to the United States to further their education and build their future. They eventually dedicated their lives to teaching. Following the example of her parents, she learned there are no boundaries to what one can achieve with a strong education. She also gained a thirst for knowledge, a drive toward excellence and a commitment to helping others succeed.
    A Washoe County resident since 1997, Frenkel lives in Southeast Reno with her husband, Patrick and her menagerie of four-legged furry family members. Her daughter, Krystina, is a graduate of WCSD schools and currently a student at Arizona State University. Being an actively-involved WCSD parent for 12 years only strengthened Frenkel's commitment to believing education is the key to our children's and community's success.
    Professional Accomplishments:
    She earned a Master of Arts in Government from the University of Texas, Austin, a Masters of Arts in Human Resources from Webster University, and a Certificate in Social Justice and Diversity Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Frenkel's dedication to children and education as well as workforce development and leadership in Northern Nevada can be seen through the various positions she's held. That list includes: consultant and facilitator for the Nevada AB348 Legislative Task Force on Children and Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Ombudsman with the Nevada Attorney General's Office and Education and Development Officer with the Nevada Department of Personnel. Additionally, she has served as Washoe County's Learning and Performance Specialist in its Department of Human Resources, and subsequently as the Organizational Development Manager and a member of the County's Senior Management Team. She currently owns a leadership coaching, training, and consulting business, Pathways Consulting. Verónica sings with the Reno Philharmonic Chorus and is passionate about arts and music education.
    Education Advocacy & Community involvement:
    Frenkel has already dedicated more than 25 years of her life to public service and leadership excellence. She is humbled and honored to devote her passion for service, commitment to community engagement, vast experience as an educator and workforce development professional and well-respected leadership skills and vision to the WCSD as a Trustee. 

    Contact Trustee Frenkel via email at vfrenkel@washoeschools.net

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