• 12-14-2021 Regular Meeting

    12-14-2021 Regular Meeting

    Superintendent Search Update; announcement of winners of the 11th Annual Holiday Card Competition; Capital Projects updates; approval of re-location of SWAS program from Roy Gomm Elementary School to Florence Drake Elementary School; approval of hiring of independent Board legal counsel; and acceptance of findings of the continued independent factual investigation and legal analysis conducted by the Gunderson Law Firm

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  • 11-23-2021 Regular Meeting

    11-23-2021 Regular Meeting

    Selection of The Bryan Group to assist in the Superintendent Search Process; reversal of the decision to move forward with "Option A" related to changes to school start times; approval of attendance zone changes; and update on Superintendent's Task Force for Supplemental Materials.

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  • 11-09-2021 Regular Meeting

    11-09-2021 Regular Meeting

    Acceptance of Annual Comprehensive Financial Report; presentation of strategic plan measurable outcomes related to the Office of Business and Finance; adoption of Board Resolution 21-020, A Resolution recognizing School Psychology Awareness Week; adoption of Board Resolution 21-021, A Resolution recognizing National Apprenticeship Week; direction to execute the Purchase and Sale Agreement and Escrow Instructions related to 771 Southwood Blvd. in Incline Village; update on Special Education service improvements; presentation on JROTC programming and activities in the Washoe County School District; approval of continuation of the independent investigation of former Trustee Jacqueline Calvert's residency; and approval of the job description for Superintendent of Schools of the Washoe County School District

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  • 11-9-2021 Special Meeting

    11-9-2021 Special Meeting

    Appointment of Adam Mayberry to fill the remainder of the term for District F

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  • 10-26-2021 Regular Meeting

    10-26-2021 Regular Meeting

    Update on strategic plan measurable outcomes for Goal 1 and Goal 5 for the 2020-21 School Year; approval of final redistricting maps; preliminary approval of Option A related to school start times; approval of naming the family resource center at the new Procter R. Hug High School the Feemster Family Resource Center, in honor of Dolores Feemster and Darryl Feemster; and approval of solicitation requirements for firms/vendors interested in supporting the Superintendent Search Process

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  • 10-26-2021 Special Meeting

    10-26-2021 Special Meeting

    Review of applicants for the vacancy in District F

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  • 10-25-2021 Special Meeting

    10-25-2021 Special Meeting

    Correction of potential OML violation; and possible action to censure Trustee Jeffrey Church

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  • 10-12-2021 Regular Meeting

    10-12-2021 Regular Meeting

    Approval of 2021/22 'A' Major Projects Program; approval of new Trustee districts for districts A, D, F, and G; update on ELD site facilitator model; presentation on Infinite Campus; approval of various actions related to the Superintendent Search; and update on COVID-19 mitigation measures

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  • 09-28-2021 Regular Meeting

    09-28-2021 Regular Meeting

    Approval of Board Resolution 21-019; presentation on RiSE Academy for Adult Education; approval to initial construction process for a new elementary school in the Rio Wrangler area and present funding recommendations to the Capital Funding Protection Committee for consideration; approval of calendar, notices, and processes related to the application and appointment process for the vacancy in District F; and update COVID-19 mitigation measures, testing of athletes, and recruitment efforts.

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  • 09-28-2021 Work Session

    09-28-2021 Work Session

    Capital Projects informational session

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  • 09-14-2021 Regular Meeting

    09-14-2021 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on the measurable outcomes associated with Goal 4 of the Strategic Plan; approval of Redistricting Principles; and update on current mitigation measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the schools

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  • 08-24-2021 Regular Meeting

    08-24-2021 Regular Meeting

    Approval of the creation of additional administrative positions to support new functions and activities related to federal stimulus funding; approval of grant applications to the Federal Communications Commission and Nevada Department of Health and Human Services; and direction regarding COVID testing protocols and students and staff involved in athletics and activities through September 28, 2021

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  • 08-10-2021 Regular Meeting

    08-10-2021 Regular Meeting

    Presentation from students and principals on their experiences on the first day of school; introduction of new principals for the 2020-21 School Year and 2021-22 School Year; update on the status of the Superintendent's Task Force for Supplemental Curriculum; and direction regarding Emergency Directive 048.

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  • 07-27-2021 Regular Meeting

    07-27-2021 Regular Meeting

    Disposition of appeal and award of RFP 21-001; approval of proposed increase to base pay for guest teachers; approval of appointments to the School Naming Committee; approval of ESSER III grant application; presentation and approval of COVID-19 mitigation measures for the 2021-22 School Year and addition of a standing agenda item to allow for future modifications; and direction to Superintendent to enter into an agreement with a facilitator for the 2020-21 Superintendent Evaluation

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  • 07-26-2021 Special Meeting

    07-26-2021 Special Meeting

    Appointment of Beth Smith to fill the vacancy in District D

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  • 07-20-2021 Special Meeting

    07-20-2021 Special Meeting

    Review of applications for District D vacancy

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  • 07-13-2021 Special Meeting

    07-13-2021 Special Meeting

    District C candidate interviews and selection of Joe Rodriguez to fill vacancy in District C

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  • 07-06-2021 Special Meeting

    07-06-2021 Special Meeting

    Review of District C applications

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  • 06-22-2021 Regular Meeting

    06-22-2021 Regular Meeting

    Approval of amended final budget; presentation on the use of telehealth to provide medical and mental health supports for students; affirmation of the Group Insurance Committee recommendation of 0% rate increase for the Plan Year 2022; approval of 2-Year strategic plan "Response to Recovery"

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  • 06-08-2021 Regular Meeting

    06-08-2021 Regular Meeting

    Approval of the 2020/2021 'C' Major Projects Program; approval of MOU regarding new hire incentives for bus drivers and pupil transportation assistants; approval of the process to be used to fill upcoming vacancies on the Board of Trustees in Districts C and D; review of the communications plans for the new strategic plan "Response to Recovery;" and approval to provide direction to the Superintendent to develop a task force to develop a supplementary curriculum based on Nevada Academic Content Standards

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  • 05-25-2021 Regular Meeting

    05-25-2021 Regular Meeting

    2021-22 School Year Kindergarten update; update on 2021 Nevada Legislative Session; update on community risk of COVID-19; approval of recommendations to return to full, in-person learning for all elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools for the 2021-22 School Year; and approval of the 6th grade SHARE curriculum

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  • 05-25-2021 Work Session

    05-25-2021 Work Session

    Public hearing on the tentative budget and approval of final budget for Fiscal Year 2022

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  • 05-21-2021 Work Session

    05-21-2021 Work Session

    Presentation and actions regarding "Road to Recovery" Strategic Plan; and 2020-21 School Year Superintendent Evaluation processes

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  • 05-11-2021 Regular Meeting

    05-11-2021 Regular Meeting

    Introduction of US State Department Fulbright Scholars; review and approval of metrics for the Bridge Year Reporting period on Goal 2; approval of the grant application to the Wallace Foundation to build an Equity-Centered Principal Pipeline; approval of the recommendations from the Zoning Advisory Committee; and informational presentations from the Department of Fins Arts and the Office of Accountability and Assessments

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  • 04-27-2021 Regular Meeting

    04-27-2021 Regular Meeting

    Presentation on origins, history, and governing documents of the Capital Funding Protection Committee; approval of the District's FY22-26, Five-Year Capital Improvement Plan; presentation on the Ben Hayes Memorial Scholarship; approval of GMP3 for the Darrel C. Swope Expansion and Renovation Project; presentation on 2021 summer school and extended school year programming; presentation on the Brave Space Program; and approval of the recommendations to maintain current educational models for elementary and secondary schools for the remainder of the 2020-21 School Year

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