Board Services Department


    The Board Services Department supports the work of the Board of Trustees and Superintendent related to the governance of the Washoe County School District.  This includes coordination of meetings of the Board of Trustees, constituent services and community engagement, and the creation, revision, retention and maintenance of meeting materials, Board policies, and other governing documents of the District.


    Board Support Services was established to meet the demands and needs on a Trustee's time.  The department works directly with Trustees on all policies and Strategic Plan initiatives related to the Board of Trustees.  Staff assists Trustees in developing and attending school and community events; as well as working closely with schools, parent groups and community organizations interested in meeting with individual Trustees or a group of Trustees.  Additionally, the department works closely with other members of the Washoe County School District staff to respond to questions and concerns from constituents.


       Board Services Department
       P.O. Box 30425
       Reno, NV 89520-3425
       Fax: 775-348-0271


    For questions regarding Board Services or meetings of the Board of Trustees, contact:   
        Jennifer (JJ) Batchelder, Director of Board Services
        Phone: 775-789-4612
    For questions regarding general matters of the Board of Trustees contact:   
        Nia Williams, Executive Assistant
        Phone: 775-348-0271