Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2)

  • The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is an interim benchmark assessment that is specifically designed for students in grades K-3. It enables teachers to systematically observe, record, and evaluate change in student reading performance over time. 

    WCSD Pathway Levels

     K Level A Level 2 Level 4
    1 Level 4 Level 10 Level 16
    2 Level 16 Level 20 Level 28
  • DRA Resources

    2016-2017 Guidelines (WCSD)
    This documents contains information about the DRA administration and the Online Management System for reporting.

    DRA Top Ten Questions
    This is a one page quick guide to common question on administering the DRA.

    Leveled Text Chart
    Use this table to help determine an appropriate DRA level to administer.

    DRA Online Training Tutorials (Pearson)
    This links contains videos made by Pearson. The videos include information on preparing, conducting, scoring and moving into instruction with the DRA.

    DRA Q & A (Pearson)  
    This document was prepared by Pearson and provides specific information on determining miscues and providing accommodations.


  • Kidwatching Articles

    Using Kidwatching in the Assessment Cycle to Energize Your Classroom

    Tracking and Supporting Student Learning with Kidwatching

    Kidwatching Techniques

    conferring Image of Instruction Sheet Conferring Notes
    Keep track of individual student conferences using this form.
    index card thumbnail of page directions Index Cards
    Use index cards to track individual student progress toward goals.
     Messy SheetMessy Sheet Instructions
    Track student reading behaviors by adding names to this skills sheet.
    Track groups of students on one form as they work toward similar goals.
    Page image of "Keeping Track" directions Keeping Track
    Write down when you meet with individual students.
    image of "Sticky Notes" direction sheet Sticky Notes/Labels/Folders
    Write notes on students to place in individual folders.


    image of "Small Group" direction sheet
    Small Group Form
    Record information about reading group goals and group progress.

    image of "CAFE Wall" directions page CAFE Wall
    Display of literacy skills that student are working on.

    image of "Strategy Inventory" direction page Strategy Inventory
    Use this student chart to check when you observe a specific reading behavior.

    Picture of Instruction sheet


    Steps for setting up individual conferences with students.

DRA Calendar Mini-Base

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