IHT Pilot Program

  • Washoe County School District Pilot Program Test Physical Fitness, Academic Performance Link

    By studying standardized test results, physical education teachers at the pilot schools (listed below), hope to show how heart rate-based physical education has helped improve both student fitness and academic performance. The WCSD currently has 6 schools participating in the Adidas Zone for IHT Spirit wrist heart rate monitors for Interactive Health Technologies. 


    Objective: To have students wear the heart rate monitors for at least 20 minutes twice a week, link their fitness improvements with their Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) scores. MAP test measures the students' progress in both math and reading.

    Process: Students wear the heart rate monitors during Physical Education (P.E.) class with the goal of exercising at an elevated heart rate for as much of class as possible. The Adidas Zone monitors show students their actual heart rate as well as the color "zone" they are exercising in. Blue represents exercise at a relaxed heart rate; yellow indicates moderate heart rate, and red indicates vigorous activity. Students are encouraged to exercise in the yellow and red zones.



    IHT Pilot Programs Schools:

    • Clayton Middle School
    • Dilworth Middle School
    • Innovations High School
    • McQueen High School
    • Pine Middle School
    • Traner Middle School