Teacher & Counselor Hiring

  • Washoe County School District accepts applications for teachers and counselors on an ongoing basis. WCSD maintains a pool of candidates for all teaching and counseling positions within the district. As vacancies occur, candidates to fill those vacancies will be selected from the pool of eligible applicants.
    Please note: Most communication from Human Resources is done via email. It is very important to check your email regularly and to keep your contact information up-to-date.

    Step 1 - Application

    Access WCSD’s Online Application System and fill out an online Certified application. Applicants must specify which endorsement(s) they hold or are working towards and must attach their most recent evaluation to the online application. Internship evaluations are acceptable.
    Once your application is complete:
    · Select the Jobs tab
    · Select View/Apply next to the teaching position you would like to apply to
    · After reviewing the job specifications, click on Apply for the Job

    Step 2 – Confidential References

    In order for applications to be complete, they must have at least four (4) professional confidential references returned. One reference must come from a recent supervisor. References from current and former school-based supervisors (i.e., Principals and Lead Teachers) are generally stronger than references from colleagues or friends. References must have been submitted within the past eighteen (18) months in order to be considered. Once four references have been returned, applicants must email teach@washoeschools.net to request application screening.

    Step 3 - Application Review

    The Human Resources Staffers review applications to make sure candidates meet both minimum qualifications and the specific requirements of each position. Applicants who meet those criteria are invited to participate in a district-level hiring pool interview. 

    Step 4 – Pool Interview

    All applicants who meet minimum qualifications are invited to an individual interview with a Human Resources Staffer. Most district-level interviews take place between January and June. Additional interviews may occur throughout the year for hard-to-fill positions such as Special Education, ESL, and Math, depending on the needs of our schools. WCSD is not able to reimburse applicants for any interview-related expenses, including travel.

    Step 5 – Hiring Pool 

    Candidates who successfully complete the Pool Interview will be placed into a pool of eligible hires for any positions they are certified for. As positions become available, Principals will select applicants from the hiring pool for site-level interviews.

    Step 6 – Site Level Interviews

    Principals decide which applicants to interview from the hiring pool. Applicants may interview at as many sites as they wish until they accept an offer from one of our schools.

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Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web-Accessibility

  • The District prohibits bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination and/or retaliation in any of its educational programs/activities, employment, and employment opportunities.  For the District's full Notice of Non-Discrimination statement as well as methods to address questions and concerns please visit our Notice of Non-Discrimination and Web Accessibility page.

    For more information, visit the Civil Rights Compliance Department page.