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    WCSD recognizes that Teacher Leaders utilize a different set of skills and knowledge leading adults than they use when leading students.  The effective Teacher Leader continuously applies their knowledge and skills in Adult Learning Theory, coaching, mentoring, facilitating professional learning, leading collaborative teams, advocating for equitable practices, and managing resistance that can come from change.  They do this by working alongside their colleagues in a non-supervisory role. Teacher Leaders are continually growing to improve their abilities through professional learning and reflective practice.   


    Teacher Leadership Pool (TLP) changed from an interview process to a prerequisite/competency model during the 2022-23 school year.  This change is meant to support aspiring teacher leaders in their skill and knowledge development in working with adults. 


    Why did the process change?

    -Increasing one’s capacity in Teacher Leadership is valued.

    -TLP is intended to ensure people have the right skills for the job.

    -TLP is not meant to be exclusive, all candidates with the skills and knowledge for the work are encouraged to be in the pool.


    What is the new process?

    Educators who take three courses in teacher leadership within the past five years will be in the TLP upon completion of the three courses and submission of transcripts and a survey. They are then in the pool permanently as long as they remain Effective or higher in annual evaluations. A link to submit transcripts and take a survey (see link below) and candidates may submit at any time, there is no deadline.

    Any educator who has not yet fulfilled the three-course requirement or is already in the TLP may apply for a TOSA position.  If a candidate is selected for a TOSA position and is not in the TLP, they will have 3 years and must take 3 courses in Teacher Leadership during this time.  Teacher Leadership courses may be taken during contract time.

    A list of courses is available on this website. Educators may also submit courses through the in-service division, such as a book study or take from another agency.  If interested in an in-service course or another agency, please contact for pre-approval to ensure it will satisfy the course requirement.


    What if I am already in the Teacher Leadership Pool?

    TLP members who are in the pool and have not yet re-qualified will be eligible to re-qualify.  Re-qualification consists of a task that asks candidates to reflect on their leadership work and their goals. Those who have already re-qualified once will be in the TLP permanently as long as they remain Effective or higher in annual evaluations. The 2023-24 school year will be the last opportunity for teacher leaders who entered the TLP through the interview process to re-apply and all eligible candidates will be notified via school email. 



    Click here to apply to the Teacher Leadership Pool.


    Teacher Leadership Courses that satisfy the professional learning requirement:

    Braving This New World: How to Navigate Through Difficult Change- NASA

    Building Your Capacity as a Teacher Leader- WCSD

    Coaching Conversations Book Study- WCSD

    Coaching for Teacher Leaders Summer Institute- WCSD/NWRPDP

    Dare to Lead Book Study- NWRPDP

    Designing Professional Learning from the Presenter's Perspective- WCSD

    Early Learning Institute- National Education Association 

    ELD Book Club: Student-Centered Coaching- WCSD

    Foundational Institute for Coaches - WCSD/New Teacher Center (offered to teachers during the year they mentor a novice teachers)

    Foundational Institute for Coaches Year 2 (Forums)- WCSD/New Teacher Center (offered to teachers during the year they mentor a novice teachers)  

    Foundations of Mentoring- WCSD

    Instructional Support Institute “Blue Friday” -WCSD

    Leading Collaborative Teams- WCSD/NWRPDP

    Learning Facilitator Coaching Institute-WCSD

    Learning-Focused Relationships- NWRPDP

    Master Lead Teacher Program- WCSD/NWRPDP (offered to teachers during the semester they host a student intern)

    Observation and Feedback-WCSD

    Strategies for Building Capacity Through Effective Teacher Leadership Practices-WCSD

    Teachers Leading Change - NWRPDP

    Teacher Leadership Certificate- UNLV (all who complete the 4 courses will be admitted to the pool-click here for info)

    Transformational Coaching-WCSD

    Teacher Leadership Institute- National Education Association 

    Upleveling Today's Leaders and Educators (NASA-Nevada)

    NEA courses listed in attachment below


    Other courses as applicable, please contact us if you have taken or are interested in a course outside of this list to check that it qualifies.



    Upcoming Teacher Leadership Courses through NEA:

    Information on asynchronous courses offered in Teacher Leadership through the Nevada Education Association is available here.  These self-paced, free, online courses are rigorous and can be used for Nevada Licensure renewal though do not qualify for WCSD salary advancement.



    Upcoming Teacher Leadership Courses in MyPGS

    #15081 Leading Collaborative Teams/Groups at Work

    As Teacher Leaders, we play an important role in improving student achievement not just in our classrooms, but also by supporting the effectiveness of our collaborative teams by facilitating inquiry, building capacity for reflection and collaborative skills for ourselves and others, and building a culture of openness and trust.

    This course will explore how to support and develop collaborative groups to be more effective, efficient, and productive in serving our students.  Participants will investigate the practices and premises that build the capacity of the group as a whole and the individual members including practical strategies for focusing attention, processing information, and building relationships.  When groups are engaged in safe and supportive working structures they develop awareness of their own habits that contribute to the success of the group and the skills of others.

    Offered: 9/13/2023-12/13/2023


    #12466 Building Your Capacity as a Teacher Leader

    This course is for teachers who are considering site or district leadership roles such as an implementation specialist, program coordinator, or instructional coach.  Course content will focus on building your capacity as a leader among peers through exploration of a variety of leadership topics such as: Adult Learning Theory, Differentiated Leadership, Change Management, Coaching, Observation and Feedback, and Facilitating Groups.

    Offered: 1/22/2024-2/26/2024


    #14754 Book Study - Coaching Conversations (Cheliotes & Reilly)

    The course is meant for educators at the beginner to intermediate level of experience with coaching. The course will equip teacher leaders with knowledge and skills in the impact of coaching, committed listening, reflective feedback, coaching strategies, and more.  The course can be taken for in-service credit (salary advancement and licensure renewal hours) or during contract time (licensure renewal hours only).  Any group of two or more interested certified employees may submit for their own study group to complete this course.

    Offered: Any time


    Questions?  Email Marissa McClish