Emergency Management Department

  • The WCSD Office of Emergency Management performs a wide variety of functions in order to create a more resilient school community in the event of an emergency or crisis that might affect our students, staff, and schools.  The District maintains a comprehensive emergency management program that provides prevention and preparation support to all of the District’s schools and administrative facilities.  The Emergency Manager maintains and enhances the District Emergency Operations Plan and emergency response procedures.  In addition to responding to safety-related incidents, the Emergency Manager is responsible for:
    • Coordinating the District’s emergency plans and crisis response
    • Training District personnel in the emergency response procedures
    • Conducting drills and exercises
    • Planning and implementing enhanced safety programs
    If you have any questions regarding the Washoe County School District Emergency management operations, please contact Roy Anderson at 775-789-4603.



Contact the Emergency Manager

  • Roy Anderson
    Emergency Manager
    Washoe County School District

     (775) 789-4603